What is inner child? Find out here.




Do you have an ache and an emptiness deep inside that nothing seems to fill or soothe?

Do you keep people at bay for fear of getting hurt?

Do you constantly look for the right friend or romantic partner to fill that empty void and make you feel whole, complete, joyful, peaceful, loved and secure?


If you answered, "yes," to any of the above questions, your inner child may be running your life.

As much as we tell ourselves that our childhood incidents and feelings are in the past, our inner child takes up residence in our unconscious minds and can actually be the cause of much discontent and dysfunction in our adult lives. 

If you feel blocked, unworthy, unloved abandoned or have low self-esteem without knowing why,
then you will want to learn about Cherish the Child Within.

  • Release negative thought patterns
  • See yourself in a new positive light
  • Release repressed memories
  • Blend your adult self and inner child self