Black Cohosh for Menopause: What are the Benefits of Black Cohosh, Anyway?
What is black cohosh? Benefits, Side Effects, Uses (Hot Flashes)
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Black Cohosh Extract

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What are the Benefits of Black Cohosh, anyway?

I love herbs that have cured aches and pains for hundreds of years - it's a pretty good amount of time to validate the benefits they give us! Native American and European women used black cohosh for centuries to relieve menstrual cramps, spasms, hot flashes, and achieve the hormonal balance they needed to thrive.

Black Cohosh is a beautiful  flowering perennial that grows in the lush forests of Canada and the US. The root extract has worked wonders for my body and really helped me put a spring in my step again! 


Net Weight: 100g

DISCLAIMER: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. Please consult your doctor for diagnosis or treatment. 

Do not take black cohosh for more than two to three continuous months, and not at all if you are a cancer patient or are pregnant.

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